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Born of family ties, Melmequer was founded in 2017 by three partners who, in addition to everything that unites them, share a common love for apiculture. Ana, Miguel, and Ricardo, with very different histories of life, decided to create honey of exception, of recognized origin. With its own apiaries, so that everyone had access to the same product that was part of their experiences in Vidigueira. The result is insight, or better, to the palate, and for all tastes - multi-floral, rosemary, honeycomb, dried fruit, and honey.


Melmequer is 100% from apiary plants spread around the fields of Vidigueira, where Rosemary predominates. The very own microclimate of the region, populated by brushwoods and soft slopes, offers our honey an exceptional quality. 

Rosemary is one of the main secrets behind our honey, which is characterized by a lemon-yellow color very clear, velvety consistency of mild flavor.


From February to October, our beekeepers visit 25 apiaries every day, where millions of bees work 24 hours a day to feed their queens - and our customers, of course.

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