Today we were in the "Economic and Commercial Meeting between the entrepreneurs of China and Portugal, within the scope of the China-Portuguese Forum.
Present were our Secretary of State for Internationalization, Vice Minister of Commerce of China, Ambassador of China to Portugal, Administrator of AICEP, President of IPIM, Chinese and Portuguese businessmen. "
We meet with our Chinese partners, and we set the strategy for 2018.

Eurico Brilhante Dias, Secretary of State for Internationalization, said:
"The People's Republic of China is an inescapable economic partner ....... there are two areas "that the Portuguese Government considers important" to deepen as a matter of priority ". The first concerns "the identification and elimination of barriers to market access and, in our case, access to the market of the People's Republic of China, with particular emphasis on the area of ​​agri-food ....... We believe in the development of logistics platforms for Portuguese products in the People's Republic of China, it is an important step "......" continued efforts "within the policy framework for the elimination of phytosanitary barriers, pointing out that this is an area that should be improved and in which Portugal "has already expressed absolute availability" for this purpose.

Deputy Minister of Commerce Gao Yan said there is "strong complementarity" to "boost cooperation" between Portugal and China and recalled the various sectors where the country has invested in the Portuguese market, from energy to industry financial, health, among others.
...... .. Macau has "the irreplaceable bridge between China and Portugal" ....... China has expressed an "attitude of wanting to be more open to the world" and invited the Portuguese Government and Portuguese businessmen to attend the international import exhibition that the country will hold.

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