BUYIN-Comércio Electrónico SA, which manages the e-marketplace of Portuguese exporting companies, has partnered with the Chinese government organization that manages the overseas shopping platform, e-commerce marketing platform, a trading company internal and external. Provides services such as trade facilitation and business start-up in China. Has cooperated with Germany, South Korea, Japan and other countries to build overseas shopping centers and build 30 direct sales centers of imported products within China, and at present there is already a center of imported products in Tianjin, and can open the Chinese domestic market, through online and offline channels, to our associated companies.

The objective is to help companies, Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking countries, to sell in Mainland China easily, quickly and safely.

On the 14th of November we will be in Portugal Exporter to make a presentation, see here more information.

Posted on 03/11/2018 by china, buyinportugal, macau, tianjin News ENG, Notícias PT 0

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