Logistic Partner:


The Pinto Basto Group includes various transport companies that ensure all services related to intermodal transport and logistics.

All of the companies employ highly qualified professionals that benefit from the solid and prestigious structure of the holding company that controls them.

Ten generations of pioneering and corporate initiative

The success and prestige achieved by Pinto Basto throughout its history or more than two hundred years have always been based on one key concept: a pioneering spirit. Ever since its establishment, Pinto Basto has always been in the forefront of the major events that shaped the history and development of Portugal.

Guided by ethical and moral values at management level and maintaining its employees fully motivated and subject of continuous training, Pinto Basto has reached an outstanding position in the domestic market both in terms of results, innovating capacity and ability to lead changes in this sector.

As market leader in the domestic market, Pinto Basto has accrued responsibilities and believes that it must contribute with its example to help the Portuguese industry to assert itself in the global market, sustaining its long-time values as well as the national culture.

Transport Management

Pinto Basto acknowledges itself as a reference company in Transport and Cargo management, presenting competitive and effective solutions to meet its customer’s expectations, be it in Sea, Air or Road transport, international or national.

With a strong component in terms of logistical solutions, our company implements and executes bespoke projects. From straightforward storage to pick-up and choosing products, we offer all the necessary services so that your company’s operations run well.

Our commitment is to offer a personalized service, through our Client Managers, by studying the costumers’ needs, researching, evaluating and reaching out for the best solutions in the market.