Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the leading platform for global wholesale trade serving business of buyers around the world, and suppliers in Portugal.

Through, portuguese businesses can sell their products to companies in other countries.

Key roles and processes at

Suppliers (or exporters) in Portugal post company information and product information (together with photos, video, descriptions, specifications, shipping terms, prices, etc.).
Buyers (or importers) search and browse supplier's products and then make inquiries to negotiate or place orders.
Whether you want to sell or buy

Does guarantee my transaction?

Please be advised that is not able to guarantee your transactions.

Does provide a shipping service?

Currently, has logistics service with our partners.

Is a supplier?

Please be advised that is not a supplier. provides a business information platform to connect buyers over the world, and suppliers in Portugal. Thus, we don’t send goods to our buyers directly.
If you want to buy products, please send your request to the portuguese suppliers directly and consult the business details with them. You can find the products you need, contact the supplier and place your order.

Can recommend specific products to me?

Please note: is not the supplier of the products displayed on As an e-marketplace platform, doesn't produce or sell any products. The products listed on belong to the respective portuguese supplier members. Hence, can make recommendations to you.

Is just for suppliers? is the leading platform for portuguese wholesale trade. We serve business of buyers in the world, and suppliers in Portugal.
We do this by giving portuguese suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers finding products and portuguese suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Does supply or sell products? If so, can you send me some prices for products I'd like to source?

Please be advised that is a business to business (B2B) marketplace platform and not a supplier.
You can see some prices, but if you want to know special price of products that appear on the e-marketplace platform, please contact the supplier directly, or place your order with a message.

In which countries does the group have an office?

Only in Lisbon, Portugal

I'm new on - can you please explain what it is and does? is the leading platform for portuguese wholesale trade, serving business of buyers around the world, and business suppliers in Portugal. Through, portuguese SME businesses can sell their products to companies in other countries.

As a supplier, do I receive my payments from directly?

For any payments from the sale of your products, the buyer will make the payment to you directly. will not be involved.

What's the difference between and the Portuguese website?

BUYIN.PT SA Group's international website ( and portuguese website are different websites with different users. provides services to companies specializing in international business to business (B2B) trade and the Portuguese website is available for companies engaged in domestic trade within Portugal.
Therefore, one website account cannot be used on the other site.

If I don't have a business, can I still buy products from suppliers?

The majority of suppliers on are manufacturers and trading companies dealing with bulk orders. To match these portuguese suppliers, the buyers are only businesses companies. If you don’t have a business company, you cannot buy at

Do I have to register an account if I want to purchase on

Yes, you must be an member before contacting suppliers, making transactions, or doing other related activities on To protect you from fraud and to enable us to deal with a dispute, in the event it occurs, we recommend making your first contact with the supplier through the platform instead of bypassing We aprove your registration before you begin transactions. 

What are the requirements for my registered email address?

Please ensure all the information in the email address (including punctuation) is in English, and does not include the word ‘BuyinPortugal’. Each account can only have one email address. Therefore, if an email address has already been used for registration, it cannot be used to create any other accounts.

What can I do if I don’t receive an email to reset my password?

If you did not receive a notification after entering your email address when trying to retrieve your password, please check whether the notification was sent to your Spam or Trash folder, as some email servers will filter valid email by mistake. Please note that Google mail takes more time to receive such emails. If you haven't received our system email, contact us.

Should I register a separate account to buy products from Wholesale?

No. As Wholesale is part of the platform, you don’t need to register a separate account.

Can I set up an account without a phone number?

Please be advised that your phone number is necessary when you register on

A valid phone number will help your potential business partners reach you more efficiently. Therefore, we suggest that you leave your office phone number when registering.

I got an error message saying "Please log in or register with a new email" when I registered. What can I do?

If you see this error message, it means that the email address you entered has already been used for account registration on or on BUYIN.PT SA Group’s affiliate websites. To continue with your registration, you can register a new account using a different email address that has not been used. Please note that one email address matches one member account only.
If this problem remains, please contact us for further assistance.

Can I have more than one account?

Without’s approval, one user can only register one member account on our e-marketplace.

How do I know if my email address has been registered on or not?

To see whether or not an email address has been registered on, you can try to create a new account using that email address. If an error message saying "Please log in or register with a new email” is displayed after you enter the email address into the registration form, it means the email address you are using has been used for account registration. If you don’t get an error message, it means that email address has not been used for any account registration.

How can I register for a buyer account?

If you’d like to register a buyer account only, please d´ont select ‘Seller Account´. If you select ‘Seller Account’, your account can also be used to sell products on

Only Portuguese companies can have a ‘Seller Account’.
To complete your registration, please enter the other information required on the form and click ‘Submit’.