XBSC 360 Gestão Integrada do Desempenho / XBSC 360 综合绩效管理

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Anytime, anywhere. Key solutions to Measure, Manage and Improve organisational performance.

企业绩效管理(EPM)。 随时随地。 提供衡量,管理和改善组织绩效的关键解决方案。

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XBSC 360 is a secure, 100% web-centric Enterprise Performance Management solution. Provides real-time quantified information on organizational performance for strategic decision making. Inspired by the principles of Robert Kaplan and David Norton Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model, the XBSC 360 platform is designed to support organizations of all types and sizes, making management simpler and more efficient.

XBSC 360是一个安全的,100%以网络为中心的企业绩效管理解决方案。 提供有关战略决策的组织绩效的实时量化信息。 受到Robert Kaplan和David Norton平衡计分卡(BSC)模型原则的启发,XBSC 360平台旨在支持各种类型和规模的组织,使管理更简单,更高效。

Based on best practices in business management, the services provided by the XBSC 360 Enterprise Performance Management solution incorporate the most innovative tools in terms of mobility and cloud computing, encompassing functionalities of management software such as strategic management applications, analytical and descriptive functions and powerful database requiring only IT resources compatible with the size and availability of the company.

基于业务管理的最佳实践,XBSC 360企业绩效管理解决方案提供的服务融合了移动性和云计算方面最具创新性的工具,包括管理软件的功能,如战略管理应用程序,分析和描述功能以及强大的数据库,只需要与公司规模和可用性兼容的IT资源。