Raspa Saias 2016 Doc Douro

Raspa Saias 2016 Doc Douro Red 750ml 6bottles / Raspa Saias 2016 Doc 杜罗 红葡萄酒 750ml 6瓶装

6 x bottle 750ml

6瓶装 750ml

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A young and bright wine with a profound red ruby colour and violet tints. Intense aromas of mature red berries and green tobacco, harmoniously integrated with vanilla, result of its ageing in oak. Medium-bodied, soft tannins and subtle oak, make this wine round, pleasant, well- structure and very persistent in its finish. 

RASPA SAIAS 红葡萄酒 2016

一款年轻而明亮的葡萄酒,具有深红的宝石色和紫罗兰色。 浓郁的成熟红色浆果和绿色烟草的香气,与香草和谐地融为一体,在橡木桶中陈酿。 中等酒体,柔和的单宁和微妙的橡木芳香,使这款酒圆润,舒适,结构良好,余韵悠长。

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