Goldens N1 Original 150g / Goldens N1 原味薄薯片 150克 New

Goldens N1 Original 150g / Goldens N1 原味薄薯片 150克

Goldens is a Premium traditional Portuguese potato thin crisps made from the finest and most golden potatoes with an unique cut. It is hand-cooked, salt free, low calories, oil 100% vegetable. Goldens is for those who expect the best in everything. 

Goldens是一种优质传统的葡萄牙土豆薄薯片,由最优质,最色泽金黄的土豆制成,并且是非常独特的细条状。它是手工烹饪,无盐,低卡,100%植物油。 Goldens适合那些追求高品质的人。

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Goldens is an ultra-thin, artisanal, salt free, low-calorie fried straw potato,
ideal to garnish/accompany meat dishes ( roast beef, partridge, turkey, etc)
and some fish (cod) dishes. It can also be used as an appetizer or side dish.
Potato straw is a typical Portuguese product, very consumed also in Brazil.
Usually used as a garnish on several types of dishes, Goldens offers
refinement and quality through its fine-cut potatoes. The idea is to create
a “golden product” and that is reflected in every step. It is available in
several types of cuts as well as several different flavors like Truffle and

We use portuguese quality potatoes and 100% vegetable oil of exceptional quality.

Goldens is for those who expect the best quality in everything.




(烤牛肉,鹧,火鸡等),还有一些鱼類(鳕鱼)菜肴。 它也可以用作开胃菜或配菜。









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