NESTLÉ Various Fruits Baby food 6x130g New

NESTLÉ Various Fruits Baby food 6x130g

NESTLÉ Various Fruits is a great option to start introducing fruit into your baby's diverse diet from 6 months. Prepared with fruits grown and selected especially for infant nutrition.

To make NESTLÉ Various Fruits, we select top quality 100% Natural fruits, specially grown for baby food, which undergo rigorous quality controls.

NESTLÉ Various Fruits is 100% Steamed fruit, in order to preserve all its nutritional richness, and without added sugars, containing only the sugars naturally present in the fruit. Thus NESTLÉ Variedous Fruits offers an extremely smooth texture and delicious taste to satisfy the most demanding palates!

NESTLÉ, good to be really Natural!

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Serve at room temperature. Once opened it can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

For your safety, confirm the plop sound when opening the cover.

No need for cold before opening.

Apple (44%), Banana (30%), Pear (17.6%), Concentrated Orange Juice (2.8%), Apricot (2.8%), Concentrated White Grape Juice (2%), Juice pineapple concentrate (0.3%), vitamin C.

This product does not contain gluten.

Contains only sugars naturally present in the fruit.

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