Purina® Friskies® Hairballs 1.5kg New

Purina® Friskies® Hairballs 1.5kg

Cats are natural explorers, awake and attentive to everything in their world.
But some cats with more hair may develop hairballs due to frequent brushing. And while fur balls are a natural part of a cat's life, they aren't pleasant to them.
That's why Purina® experts have developed Friskies® Fur Balls: specially formulated to help reduce the formation of fur balls and to support healthy digestion.

Available in packs of 1.5Kg.

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Cereals, Meat and Animal By-Products (10% *), Plant Protein Extracts, Vegetable By-Products, (3% Beetroot), Oils & Fats, Mineral Substances, Vegetables (0.6% **), Yeast .
* equivalent to 20% rehydrated meat and animal by-products, with a minimum of 4% chicken
** equivalent to 4% rehydrated vegetables

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