Super Bock Aluminum 330ml x 24bottles per case New

Super Bock Aluminum / 超级波克铝瓶 330ml*24bottles/case

Launched in 1927, and with an alcohol content of 5.2%, Super Bock is part of the group of beers known as Lagers (low fermentation beers).

With 40 medals received, 39 Gold, of which 34 consecutive, in the prestigious Monde Selection international competition, Super Bock is internationally recognized for its high quality.

Super Bock于1927年推出,酒精含量为5.2%,是著名的拉格啤酒(低发酵啤酒)。

在享负盛名的国际蒙德评选国际比赛中,Super Bock凭借40枚奖牌,39枚金牌(其中连续34枚)获得了国际认可,以其高品质而享誉国际。

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Super Bock Aluminum gives you cooler feeling and the original taste of beer. It is your best choice in the bar.

Made in Portugal

TYPE - Lagers

ALCOHOL - 5.2%vol

Original wort concentration »=10.8 ⁰ P

Water, barley malt, unmalted cereals (maize and barley), hops


超级波克铝瓶独特的铝瓶设计能够带来更加冰爽的口感的同时更为你保留了啤酒原本的新鲜麦香。它绝对是你在夜场里搭配零食的最佳选择 。

规格:330 ml 1 24 件 63 件 托

保质期: 12 个月
酒精度:5.2 vol
原麦汁浓度:»=10.8 ⁰ P
原料:水、 大麦芽 、 玉米 、 大麦 、 啤酒花

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