Super Bock Gold / 超级波克金啤酒小瓶拉盖 200ml*24bottles/case New

Super Bock Gold / 超级波克金啤酒小瓶拉盖 200ml*24bottles/case

Launched in 1927, and with an alcohol content of 5.2%, Super Bock is part of the group of beers known as Lagers (low fermentation beers).

With 40 medals received, 39 Gold, of which 34 consecutive, in the prestigious Monde Selection international competition, Super Bock is internationally recognized for its high quality.

Super Bock于1927年推出,酒精含量为5.2%,是著名的拉格啤酒(低发酵啤酒)。

在享负盛名的国际蒙德评选国际比赛中,Super Bock凭借40枚奖牌,39枚金牌(其中连续34枚)获得了国际认可,以其高品质而享誉国际。

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The yeast from 1927 and three different hops give this beer its unique aroma and fruity aroma.
The unique formula, pure water source and brewing process make the wine light and fragrant.

Origin: Portugal
Type: Lager
Specifications: 200ml*24bottles/case 88cases/ballet
Alcohol: 4.5% vol
Original wort concentration: 10.4⁰P
Ingredients: water, barley, wheat buds, three kinds of hops, Slovenian hops, Czech saz hops, German tavern hops
Liquid color: amber

Shelf life: 15 months

传承自 1927 年的酵母与三种不同的啤酒花赋予了这款 啤酒独特 的麦香与果香。
独特配方、纯净水源和酿制 工艺 造就 了酒体轻盈,香气四溢。

规格:200ml*24/件 88件/托 
原麦汁浓度:10.4 ⁰ P
原料:水、 大麦 麦 芽 、 三种啤酒花 斯洛文尼亚斯特兰亚啤酒花 、 捷克萨兹啤酒花 、 德国泰南格啤酒花

保质期: 15 个 月

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