Super Bock 1927 晶白啤酒 208ml 4*6 bottles/case New

Super Bock 1927 晶白啤酒 208ml 4*6 bottles/case

Innovative dry hops Craftsmanship uses unique hops to create a unique fruity flavor. In addition to a bit of bitterness, it brings a rich, intense and surprising aroma experience. The unique hops of gold malt are fascinating.

New taste, smooth and delicate entrance, transparent body, like crystal


干啤酒花创新工艺 采用独具风格的啤酒花 酿造独特果香风味 除一丝苦韵之外 更带来丰富 、 浓烈 、 惊喜十足的芳香体验 。黄金麦芽比例独特的啤酒花香 令人回味无穷 。

全新口感 入口顺滑细腻 酒体通透 如水晶一般

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Ingredients: water, wheat sprouts, corn, barley, malt, hops

Origin: Portugal
Type: 1927 crystal white beer
Specifications: 208ml 4*6 bottles/case 77cases/ballet
Alcohol: 4.5% vol
Original wort concentration: 10.40P

Shelf life: 12 months


原料:水、 小麦麦芽 、 玉米 、 大麦 麦芽 、 啤酒花

类型:1927 晶白 啤酒
规格:208ml 4*6瓶/箱 77件/托 
酒精: 4.5%vol

保质期:12 个月

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