Friboi Frozen Tenderloin 4-5lbs chain off kg / 冷冻去筋牛里脊肉(牛柳、菲力)公斤 New

Friboi Frozen Tenderloin 4-5lbs/pcs chain off kg / 冷冻去筋牛里脊肉(牛柳、菲力)千克计 每件4-5磅

Average weight product :1.82-2.27 kg,  5-6 pieces / 10-14.6kg per box,70 boxs/pallet 

Country of orgin - Brazil

Taken from the tenderloin by removing the psoas minor muscle, also knwn as cap. Excessive cover fat is removed.

平均重量为1.82-2.27kg,每箱5-6块 / 约10-14.6kg,70箱/托  

原产地 - 巴西

取自里脊肉,通过去除腰大肌(去盖)。 去除过多的表皮脂肪。

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Appearance - shrinkwrap tenderloin , packaging intact/clean. Muscle deep purple red colour. On opening muscle deep purple red, fat colour cream/white.

Texture - Uniform Tender

Recommended Storage Conditions: -18°C

Shelf Life At Manufacture (days) - 730 days

Packaging - Plastic Bag + Corrugated fiberboard Box + Pallets


表面 - 里脊肉真空包装,包装完整/清洁。 肌肉深紫红色,脂肪乳白色。

口感 - 细嫩

储存环境- 零下18度

保质期 - 冷冻储存730天,解冻或打开后2天

包装 - 塑料袋+纸板箱+托盘

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