Miguels Port Wine Tawny New

Miguels Port Wine Tawny /茶色波特酒 一箱6瓶

Traditional Portuguese Port Wine - From Douro, Portugal - Sold in cases of 6 bottles

葡萄牙传统波特酒 - 产地 Douro,葡萄牙 - 每箱6瓶

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GRAPE VARIETIES - Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão

VINIFICATION PROCESS - Fermented wine with partial destemming at controlled temperature (24-28ºC), when the grape reaches the desired sweetness value, fermentation is interrupted by adding brandy (77 %), subsequently aged in oak until bottling.

TASTING NOTES - Golden-colored sweet wine with aromas of red berries compote, well balanced with wood and vanilla aromas.

ALCOHOL - 19,5%

葡萄品种 - 国产多瑞加 ,弗兰卡,罗丽红,红巴罗卡,猎狗。

酿制过程 - 在控制温度(24-28摄氏度)下进行部分去渍的发酵葡萄酒,当葡萄达到理想的甜度值时,加入白兰地(77%)中断发酵,然后在橡木桶中陈酿,直至装瓶。

品尝评注 - 呈金黄色的甜酒,果香中有红浆果的果香,与木香和香草的香气相得益彰。

酒精含量 - 19,5%



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