Mini Modeler BABYLISS H120e

Mini Modeler BABYLISS H120e

Mini hair modeler designed to be transportable while traveling; Operating temperature 200 ° C; Fast heating; Plates with complex structure to create slight curls in the hair; Ceramic coated plates for maximum hair protection; Compatibility with 120 V and 240 V electrical installations; Security lock; Cold tips

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The yellow BaByliss H120E mini hair styler is a device specifically designed to ensure your hair is always protected and looks great, curly, wherever you are. Its compact dimensions and compatibility with 120 V and 240 V voltages make it ideal for traveling, being compatible with the electrical systems of most countries in the world. The BaByliss H120E hair styler heats up to temperatures up to 200 ° C and the complex arrangement of the plaques allows for smooth curls of hair with just one pass. Thanks to the coating of the plaques in ceramics, your hair remains fully protected, preserving its liveliness and luster. Other relevant features: security lock; Stable temperature; Rotating power cable; Cold tips

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