HCM MEDICA 120W Medical Endoscope Camera Image System LED Cold Laparoscope Light Source New

HCM MEDICA 120W Medical Endoscope Camera Image System LED Cold Laparoscope Light Source

HCM MEDICA is professional in high power laparoscope light source, product is widely used in all kinds of endoscope and microscope applications, especially laparoscopy.

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1. Led bulb: Imported from LUMINUS USA, Assures you the best light for your camera from the original source.

2. Quality guarantee: Over 95% of our accessories are imported and control final manufacturing cost with the help of massive purchase only.

We provide 2 years use guarantee for whole light source, it is only official guarantee time, in fact, you could use it more than 6 to 8 years without any problem.

3. OEM service: we have provided OEM service for many companies worldwide includes both whole shape and inner technical designs.

1. Led power: 120W.
2. Input power: Wide range from 100-240V/AC; 50/60 Hz, so you use it in any country on this small planet.
3. Intensity: it is 40% higher than traditional 350W xenon light source, more than 2 times of the same power led light source on the market.
4. Color temperature: 5600K, CRI 70 and 90.
5. Led life: it could last 60000 hours max, 120times of xenon, so you do not need to replace the bulb for years.
Note: the above life hour is based on ideal lab test.
6. Connector: Customized connector, it accepts fiber light guides with active areas ranging from 3 mm to 10 mm diameter.
7. Does not emit light in UV or IR.
8. It saves energy for more than 50%.
9. Environmentally friendly.
10. Friendly design, easy operation

Represents the latest technology for the led development. It achievesthe same effect as traditional 350w xenon light source through endoscope, aperfect alternative product for xenon and halogen, which could be used forlaparoscopy without any problem.

Low energy consumption of only 120w typical at full intensity.
64% more energy-efficient than 350w xenon lamp.
Long lifetime of 60000 hours.
120 times longer lifetime than a typical 350w xenon lamp.

Designed for endoscopy, microscopy, quality insurance, system test, indus-trial borescopes, inspection systems, image process, machine vision,labequipment,this led white light source provides a consistent color tempera-ture over time and when the light is dimmed, resulting in a more consistentvisual appearance.

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