CERELAC Milk Flour Baby Porridge 8(2x500g) New

CERELAC Milk Flour Baby Porridge 8(2x500g)

CERELAC Milk Flour is a gluten-free baby food porridge with a nutritional value suitable for babies from 6 months of age.

CERELAC Milk Flour is produced in Portugal, according to the nutritional needs of the baby, and committed to offering healthy, tasty and nutritionally adjusted foods for its growth and development.

Cereal based food.

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1. Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing baby porridge and make sure all utensils are properly washed.

2. Boil drinking water for 5 minutes. Let it cool (40º).

3. Pour 150ml into the baby's bowl. Add 50g or 9 level tablespoons of CERELAC.

4. Stir with a fork until smooth. Immediately give the baby using a clean spoon. Do not keep the porridge that the baby has not consumed.

Once opened, close the sachet tightly after use and store in a cool, dry place no later than three weeks after opening.
Flours 54.8% (hydrolyzed wheat, wheat), partially skimmed milk (32.4%), sucrose, sunflower oil, mineral substances (calcium carbonate, ferrous fumarate, zinc sulfate, potassium iodide), bifidobacteria culture, vitamins (C, PP, E, B1, pantothenic acid, A, B6, K, folic acid, biotin, D), flavoring (vanillin).


This product contains gluten.

Not suitable for babies with cow's milk protein allergy.

Shelf life - 18M

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