NESTLÉ Chicken with Rice Baby Food 250G New

NESTLÉ Chicken with Rice Baby Food 6x250G

Committed to providing the best of nature for your baby, we offer NESTLÉ Chicken with Rice: a nutritionally complete, balanced and practical meal developed by our Infant Nutrition Specialists for babies from 6 months.

To make NESTLÉ Chicken with Rice, we have selected top quality ingredients, 100% natural, specially grown for baby food, and undergoing over 100 quality controls.

The NESTLÉ Chicken with Rice meal is prepared with extra virgin olive oil without salt and its ingredients are steamed to preserve all its nutritional richness. Thus, NESTLÉ Chicken with Rice offers an extremely smooth texture and delicious taste to satisfy the most demanding palates!

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Ready-to-eat meal, for your safety confirm the plop sound when opening the lid. Serve at room temperature or warmed in a water bath or microwave. Do not add salt.
No need for cold before opening.
Once opened it can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours.
Cooking water, reconstituted skimmed milk powder, carrot (12%), chicken (8.7%), parsnips, potatoes, rice (4.1%), cornstarch, extra virgin olive oil (1.3%).
Not suitable for babies with cow's milk protein allergy.


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