CAT CHOW® SENSITIVE Cat Food 6x1.5kg

CAT CHOW® SENSITIVE Cat Food 6x1.5kg

CAT CHOW® Sensitive is a complete food that includes Naturim ™, formulated for sensitive cats as a highly digestible formula thanks to high quality proteins. It promotes healthy skin and fur and contains vitamin E to support natural defenses and Group B vitamins to help your cat use its energy efficiently.

Available in 1.5 kg packages.

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Composition: ereal (40% whole grains), Meat and animal by-products (20%), Fish and fish by-products (7%), Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and Fats, Vegetable by-products (2.7% pulp) dehydrated beets, 0.07% dehydrated parsley equivalent to 0.4% parsley), Vegetables (2% dehydrated chicory root, 0.07% dehydrated carrots equivalent to 0.4% carrots, 0.07% dehydrated spinach, equivalent 0.4% spinach), Mineral substances, Yeast (0.3%).
Natural ingredients
equivalent to 14% fish and rehydrated fish by-products, minimum 14% salmon.

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