Friskies Cat Food Salmon, Tuna and Vegetables 400g

Friskies Cat Food Salmon, Tuna and Vegetables 400g

Wet Food for Adult Cats.
With pieces in sauce with Salmon, Tuna and Vegetables.

400g tin format.

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- Wet food only: 340g for a 4Kg cat.
- Wet and dry food mix: 200g + 28g for a 4kg cat.

Recommended average doses are based on moderately active adult cats under normal ambient temperature conditions. You should adjust the doses to your cat's individual needs to maintain a lean body condition and a healthy weight.

Always have fresh and clean water available. Sufficient daily water intake is an essential part of your cat's health.


Meat and animal by-products (20%), fish and fish by-products (4% salmon, 4% tuna), cereals, Vegetables (4% dehydrated vegetables), mineral substances, sugars.

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